WE BUY RARE & OLD BOOKS!!

TIME AS SPECIALTY RARE and COLLECTIBLE: Books, Ephemera, Postcards, Photos, Manuscripts, Diaries, Letters, Posters, Broadsides, Etc.


ALWAYS CONSULT US before disposing of books, postcards, etchings, photos, prints, albums, journals, diaries, maps, art, magazines or other paper memorabilia!!!


- Time as measurement, Astrology/Astronomy,

- Prison/Jail (doing time); Dance of Death (out of time),

- Horology: Clocks, Watches, Instruments of Measurement….,

- Literature (Proust, Joyce, Mann…..),

- Art/Prints/Maps – Zodiac, Stars, Clocks, etc.,

- Almanacs (pre 1850)

- Calendars (illustrated, vintage and in very good condition),

- Book of hours, Festival books,

- Tarot/Fortune Telling/Palmistry,

- Prophecy/Eschatology,

- Myths/Semiotics of Stars, Gods (PLANETS) as Archetypes of Time Movement (Time Lords), ECLIPSES (real photo post cards of solar or lunar),

- History of Time/Cosmology,

- Ancient architecture (Stonehenge, Palenque, etc)

- Ancient Cultures – Egypt, Aztec, Mayans

- Time Travel (Sci-Fi/Altered States of time as per drugs, hypnosis),

- Mandalas,

- Real photo postcards of eclipses, scars, photo finishes, people waiting in line,

- Signed Parking/Speeding tickets; Meter Maid photos & material,

- Historic ‘Minutes’ – Government, Business, Church, Fraternal,

- Minute Men (USA Revolution),

- Books published during French Revolution with ‘new’ calendar dates,

- Noon day devil,

- Any handwritten journal/diary/manuscript recording the passage of time,

- Seasons (often seen in illustrated gardening books like clare leighton), Botanicals,

- Orreries,

-  Dr. Who, Time Travel and any movie/pop culture literature dealing with time,

- Signed, Original songs or music scores dealing with Time,

- Chronological tables,

- Werewolves, The Moon,

- Gilles Deleuze – the Time Image (other philosophers – Hegel, Kant, Plato, etc.)

- Jung, Freud, Gurdjieff and other psych/mystical thinkers.

-Revolutionary Calendars

About Us

Mark Anderson entered the used, rare and antiquarian book trade in 1999; his wife and partner, Nora Butler Anderson, became an integral part of the business in 2005. Informing their purchases, their offerings and their approach is the idea that books and prints serve as portals into another world, whether it be the world of escape through compelling literature, the world of fascination as experienced through the fate and chance of history, the world of enlightenment as absorbed through those whose thoughts and words record moments of awareness, the world of contentment as cultivated through an informed and dedicated personal library or the world of beauty and stillness as felt through a particular image. These portals, witnesses of a receding past rich with perspective, beauty and meaning, await those who would but slow down, reach out a hand and touch them.


The “official” book shop hours are 1 pm to 6 pm, Monday through Saturday; however, we are often here from 11 am to 8 pm as circumstances warrant. Please visit us at the lovely mezzanine, 18 stairs up, in the Murphy Building located at 5418 20th Ave NW.


We actively purchase books and paper in all fields, especially the Antiquarian, the Collectable and the Scholarly as they relate to the History, Culture and Literature of TIME. ALWAYS consult us before disposing of Books, Prints, Maps, Manuscripts, Documents, Posters, Photographs, Albums, Art, Magazines, Autographs, Post Cards, Diaries, Journals or other memorabilia of an historic or interesting nature. We welcome phone inquiries concerning books or other material for sale at (206) 782-1550.